Cloche Hat

Yarn: bulky, shown in Noro Nadeshiko #6
Needles, size 10 circs or DPN's
Size, Womans. (its kind of small though, if you want to make it bigger, increase 10 sts at cast on)

CO: cast on
sts: stitches
k: knit
p: purl
k2tog: knit 2 together
ktbl: knit through the back loop.

CO: 100 sts, join in round.

R1: Knit around
R2: * k2tog, k8. Rep from * across(90sts)
R3: * k2tog, k7. Rep from * across(80sts)
R4: *k2tog, k6. Rep from * across(70sts)
R5: *k2tog, k5. Rep from * across(60sts)
R6: Purl across
R7: Purl across

Knit for 5-6 inches (Or however long your head is. The top of the hat decreases pretty flat so make sure the hat is long enough before you begin decreasing.)

Decreasing for top of hat
R1: ktbl across.
R2: *k2tog, k4. Rep from * across(50sts)
R3: *k2tog, k3. Rep from * across(40sts)
Continue decreasing until 10 sts remain. Break yarn and pull through the loops left on the needles. Weave in ends.


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