Your Second Scarf

Everyone makes a garter stitch scarf for their first project. (Well, almost everyone) This is the next step up from that. It includes 2 new stitches:

K2Tog:  Knit 2 stitches together
YO: Yarn over

These are 2 very easy stitches and if you need help try out for awesome videos.

The Pattern:

CO 24sts
Rows 1-20: knit across
Row 21:  *YO, K2Tog. Repeat from * across

Repeat these rows until desired length ending on row 20. Bind off (BO) and weave in all ends.


Jennifer said…
Pictures of what the result should look like?
Cheryl said…
I'm not quite done knitting the scarf yet. Once I do I will post pics!
Cyndi Beaudin said…
Can any size needle work or do you have a general size and length?