Summer Lace Rib Bolero (Toddler)

Ok, I made the Ribbed Lace Bolero a while back and LOVE IT! This pattern is so fun too!

So, I decided for the reasons below, that it would be perfect for my toddler.

1. Its small and will fit in a diaper bag very easily.
2. Its light so she wont be too hot if it gets chilly.
3. It would be perfect to wear over tank tops so she doesn't get burnt little shoulders.

I also wanted to try a new type of lace, so I can keep learning as much as I can.

So, I took the general concept of this pattern and came up with my own for a toddler size!
With flash

without flash

Ok, so I used the original formula at first, and then I realized that toddlers are different from adults, so this is how I figured out my cast on and length.

I used Caron Simply Soft which is 18sts per 4" with size 8 needles.

Measuring: (everything in ( ) is an example for a 2T-3T toddler)
A. Measure across the back from shoulder to shoulder.  (11")
B. Look at your yarn label and divide the stitches by 4" and multiply by the width of the shoulders.(18sts/4"=4.5sts per inch)
C. Multiply the number you get from step B, by the number from step A. (11"*4.5sts=49.5sts)
D. calculate your cast on number by finding a  number close to your "C" number that is divisible by 6 +2.
This is your Cast on. (50sts)
E. Measure from the neck to mid back(5"-6") and add 3". This is the length. Take this number, minus the 3" and make sure it fits comfortably and loosely around the arm at/near the armpit. (8"-9")

And PLEASE send me any questions about this!


**Remember that all toddlers are different sizes so you should measure first using steps A-E to figure out the size you should make.

Size 8 needles/Worsted weight yarn (I used simply soft)

 CO (50) sts, Your number from "D"
Set up rows:
Odd Rows(WS): * p2, k1 to end, p2
Even Row(RS)s: *k2, p1, to end, p2
Knit these two rows 3x each, end with a RS row. (half of the 3" listed above when figuring the length)

Start Lace Rib pattern on Wrong Side.
Knit lace rib for (5”) end with row 4. (7-8 repeats of the pattern)

Lace Rib
multiple of 6 +2
R1 & 3: *p2, k1 to end, p2
R2:               *k2, p1, yo, ssk, p1 to end, k2
R4:               *k2, p1, k2tog, yo, p1 to end. k2
   **Pattern: Repeat R1-4

Work Set up Rows again, starting with WS row, BO loosely.

Last step, Sew the ribbing from the top and bottom together to create the armholes. Make sure to leave enough room for arms, so dont sew it too small!
All finished!!


knittyk said…
So cute! Thanks for the great pattern. I foresee many christmas gifts...
Anonymous said…
On the set up rows for the even (RS) rows shouldn't the last 2 stitches be K2?

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