Saturday, November 6, 2010

Manly Bib

This tie has 20 rows in the center for length.
This tie has 10 rows in the center for length.
The Manly Bib
 After Chelsey told me that I only make girly stuff this was my thought process.

"girly stuff? girly bib......... bib........girly...........OH OH!!!  MANLY BIB!!!!


Yarn: Sugar N Cream Cotton
Needles: size 6
Size: 0-9mos
notions: 3---1/2" buttons

CO-cast on
BO-bind off
k- knit
k2tog- knit 2 stitches together
m1- make 1 stitch. (increase 1 stitch)

CO 27
Knit in seed stitch for 34rows.
CO 10
R1: k1, k2tog, k across
R2: K
Knit these 2 rows until there are 6 stitches
Knit  for 10”
*make sure that you start your increases on the same side as your decreases. There should be a pointy edge on the bottom right.
R1: k1, m1, k across
R2: K
Knit these 2 rows until there are 10 stitches on needle.
Sew buttons on back side of collar and push through shirt from the front so they are invisible. Make sure the pointy edge of the collar is down.

1. k1, m1, k1
2. k1, m1, k1, m1, k1
3. k1, m1, k3, m1, k1
4. k
5. k2, k2tog, k3
6-15. knit at least 10 rows here (up to 20 is good)
16. k2, k2tog, k2
17. k
18. k1, k2tog, k2
19. k
20. k2tog, k2tog
21. k1, CO4, k1
22-24. k

Sew button on back of tie at top and push through fabric
Weave in all ends.

CO Manly Bib on Ravelry!  


The Green Glass Pumpkin said...

You just made my Christmas! I've got a new nephew and now I know what he'll be getting. THANKS!

Cheryl said...

Yay!! :) Glad to hear it!

Knitrageous said...

Great pattern! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

TOO CUTE!!!! and superbly original!

Anonymous said...

This soooo cute, thanks so much its hard to find baby boy stuff

Wife.. Mom... etc.. said...
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Kari Davies said...

This is so adorable! I have 2 cousins each having baby boys in December - this will make the perfect gift. Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

What Weight of yarn did you use?

jazzsinger said...

This is soooooo darling, my new grandson will love it. Thanks for sharing.

Jen @ said...

Can you tell me what weight the yarn is? Also, do you have any modification suggestions for making it for a 1year old?

Thanks so much!

Cheryl said...

The yarn is just basic cotton yarn. Its Worsted Weigh yarn.

This would be very easy to adapt for a bigger size. For the main bib piece cast on a larger number. Since its in seed stitch it would need to be an odd number. Then knit it for a longer length.

Same with the collar. You can add a couple extra stitches to the collar and then make it longer. I plan on posting a larger pattern soon.

Jen @ said...

Thank you!

Cynthia said...

Love, love, LOVE this! Am making several as I know a slew of baby boys that have recently been born or are about to be born. Doesn't take long, either. Thank you for creating and sharing such a cute pattern!

my life my hair color said...

I must say I have a friend who is quite original and she is having a boy and everything I show her to make for said baby she replies with naw to Girly. So I'm going to surprise her with this at her baby shower I can't wait to get started

Anonymous said...


Just for clarification, when you say "Knit 10 inches", do you mean knit until the whole collar is 10 inches, or until the end of the decrease is 10 inches?

This is a really cool pattern. I'm knitting something for a friend and I've had some trouble looking. Then again, I only looked for two days. Anywho, thanks for making such a crazy, yet fascinating and easy pattern.


Doodledaddy said...

This really is very cute! I am expecting another grandchild this summer, and if it's a boy, this Grandpa will be making him him more than one, for sure! Of course, in our family, even the MEN LOVE COLOR, and with this pattern, there are hundreds of ways to alter it an make it unique to individual preferences! What a unique, fun play on a bib, something that is a MUST for EVERY baby!

Unknown said...

This is so cool. Any ideas on how to do this with a bow-tie? The discerning Doctor Who fan babies need these....

ChiLuvr said...

It's been a while since anyone has commented, but I just found this. It is adorable, and I know what my great-nephews will be getting for Christmas.

Meira Shana said...

Ahhhh, how cute to make as a charitable donation!

Thank you VERY much!

StageSitter said...

Hi! I just found this pattern through I see that you used regular cotton yarn but I don't see anything noted about how much yarn is required. I want to make this for my first grandchild who will arrive in early May 2014. Any help would be appreciated!


Anonymous said...

I just finished mine,and it takes very little yarn. Onw ball will make several bibs.

Anonymous said...

These are sooo cute but I've only used the Sugar'n Cream yarn for dishclothes. Won't it shrink up? I will be making one for a baby shower and probably multiple for my grandson who will arrive in July! I love the bowtie idea that was posted as well.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the tie stitches.
CO2 then the first row needs 3; don't get it.Please help

Anonymous said...

What size meddles did you use?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 21 May 2014:

1. k1, m1, k1

Cast on 2 stitches.
1. k1, m1(increase st), k1 = 3 sts

Anonymous said...

I'm following her directions and making one now, using the yarn and size 6 needles stated. I hope it shrinks because this looks like it's going to be big! 8" wide. She doesn't say how wide it's supposed to be.


Cheryl said...

The finished product is shown in the picture. If you look at the keyboard you can tell about how big it is. I'm wondering if your knitting isn't as tight? I dont usually gauge stuff like this, because it doesn't really matter.

My finished bibs are around 6" wide.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Cheryl, this is the coolest thing I've seen for baby boys; thank you so much for sharing your creativity!!
A friend just had a baby and I'm making a couple for him.
So, I've made the tie, but when I did row 21: K1, CO4, K1, I end up with a big hole in the middle! Is this correct? I've rummaged the internet for ways to do this, but all the instructions I find are for cast on in the beginning or end of a row. Could I trouble you for your method for completing this row?


Anonymous said...

Please let me know if this is correct:

Tie - CO2
1. k1, m1, k1 [3 sts]
2. k1, m1, k1, m1, k1 [5 sts]
3. k1, m1, k3, m1, k1 [7 sts]
4. k
5. k2, k2tog, k3 [6 sts]
6-15. knit at least 10 rows here (up to 20 is good)
16. k2, k2tog, k2 [5 sts]
17. k
18. k1, k2tog, k2 [4 sts]
19. k
20. k2tog, k2tog [2 sts]
21. k1, CO4, k1 [6 sts]
22-24. k

Unknown said...

I am also having a problem with the CO4 part as well...I keep getting a hole. The picture doesn't show a hole. Does anyone know how to do this part of the tie so I complete this adorable little man bib