Summer Purse (crochet)

When I think of summer, I think of crochet purses in bright colors. So, here's one of my own liking.

Yarn: Naturally Caron Country (shown in "Sunset")
Hook: H
Extras: 3 buttons, yarn needle

Ch: chain
Sc: single crochet
Dc: double crochet
Crdc: Crossed double crochet.

Step 1: Ch 31
Step 2: 30 sc across, ch 1, turn
Step 3: repeat step 2 until there are 5 rows of sc
Step 4: sc around all 4 edges making 4 sc in each corner, join with slip stitch to create a perfect seam, ch2

Step 5: dc (1st round only: in back loop) of every sc around whole piece, join with slip stitch, ch 2
Step 6: dc in every dc around whole piece, join with slip stitch, ch 2
Step 7: crdc around whole piece, join with slip stitch, ch 2
Step 8: dc in ever dc around whole piece, join with slip stitch, ch 1
Step 9: sc in every dc around whole piece, join with slip stitch, ch2

Step 10: repeat steps 5-7

Step 11: Dc in every other dc on "front" and "back" of piece. Dc in every dc on "sides".

Step 12: repeat steps 9, 5, 7.

Step 13: dc 18, chain 2, turn.
Step 14: repeat step 13 twice more.

Step 15: chain 4, join with slip stitch in next dc. Slip stitch over next 6 dc and chain 6, join with slip stitch in next dc, slip stitch over next 6 dc, ch 6 join with slip stitch in end.break yarn weave in.

Optional step: Pinch the side seams together to make the top of the bag more narrow. Make a "W" with the sides and sew through to hold in place.

Step 16: pick up yarn on top of side panel, ch 3 dc 3, ch3 turn, *dc3, ch3 turn. Until desired strap length and then join to other side panel.

Sew on buttons, weave in ends.


BarbieCat said…
Cute purse... I'd like to make it, but i've two questions

1. What are the dimensions for the bag?

2. How much yarn is needed?
Cheryl said…
Well, the base is around 1.5"W x 9"L and the opening is around 5"L.

And, with the Naturally Caron Country, I used almost a whole skein(approx 185yds). So, if you wanted a longer strap you might need extra.

Hope this helps! :)
Anonymous said…
I don't understand step 13: what is this step making? Why not go all the way around? Thanks your help. Love the pattern so far!!
Cheryl said…
Step 13 is the flap that goes over the opening and for the button holes.
Anonymous said…
I'm confused about step 11... What do you mean by "on front and back piece" and what do you mean by "every sc on sides"?

I'm making this right now and so far everything is turning out great. I'm just a little confused about this step. Thank you for your help. Great purse!
Anonymous said…
Wait a minute... after rereading it like 10 more times, it finally came to me. I think its a typo, right? The "every sc on sides" should read "every dc on sides" is that correct? That would make sense now.
Cheryl said…
Thank You for your comment, I'm pretty sure you're right and it was a typo. I've corrected the pattern and hope its more clear!

I guess I didn't notice it when I was testing the pattern.

I'm sorry for all the confusion, its my first crochet pattern. And I'm definitely not a pro at this. :)

Thanks again.
Kay said…
What is a cross double crochet? Could you explain that stitch?
Cheryl said…

This is a picture by picture description of the stitch. Basically you skip a stitch, DC into the next stitch, and then DC into the skipped stitch. Its very easy.

Let me know if you have more questions.

I know there are videos out there too.
Suhasini Singh said…
Hi,I really wanna make this beautiful purse but I didnt understood the step:4 and step:5 it would be great if u can help me...Thanks.:)
Suhasini Singh said…
Hey sorry,actually I need to understand the step:3 and step:4,sorry for that please,please explain it....:)
Cheryl said…
So in step 3 you're making a rectangle and working 5 rows back and forth. Then for step 4 you are switch to working in the round.

I hope this helps.

(sorry for the delay, my router stopped working and I didn't have internet for a week.)

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