Green Summer Purse (crochet)

Yarn: Naturally Caron Spa (shown in "Green Sheen") less than 1 skein necessary
Hook: H
Extras: yarn needle

Ch: chain
Sc: single crochet
Dc: double crochet
Crdc: Crossed double crochet.
C2tog: crochet 2 together

Step 1: Ch 31
Step 2: 30 sc across, ch 1, turn
Step 3: repeat step 2 until there are 5 rows of sc
Step 4: sc around all 4 edges making 4 sc in each corner, join with slip stitch to create a perfect seam, ch2

Step 5: dc (1st round only: in back loop) of every sc around whole piece, join with slip stitch, ch 2
Step 6: dc in every dc around whole piece, join with slip stitch, ch 2
Step 7: crdc around whole piece, join with slip stitch, ch 2

Step 8: repeat steps 6 & 7 until desired length. (I did 5 repeats)End on step 6, join with slip stitch, ch 1 at the end.

Step 9: sc across decreasing 10 stitches evenly through next row with c2tog, join with slip stitch , ch 1.
Step 10: repeat step 9.
Step 11: sc3, ch25, skip 13 stitches, sc 11, ch25, skip 13 stitches, sc 8, join with slip stitch, ch1
Step 12: sc 3, sc 30 around chain stitches, sc 10, sc 30 stitches around chain stitches, sc 7, join with slip stitch, ch2.
Step 13: dc across, join with slip stitch. Break yarn, weave in ends.


Anonymous said…
I am new to crocheting.Could u please explain more detailed to me step number 9. my email is thank you.
Lindsey said…
I'm confused about step 9 as well. A more detailed explanation would be great, thanks.
Cheryl said…
You just crochet 2 stitches together 10 times throughout the row. Then after the last stitch you join with a slip stitch and then chain 1 to get to the next row.

Hope that helps.
Liz Helton said…
I love this pattern and was wondering if I could sell completed items online with your permission. And of course give you credit for the pattern.
Nichole said…
I like Liz was wondering the same thing...
Chris Stewart said…
What are the dimensions?

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