Bulky 2 Needle Hat

This pattern is pretty simple because its worked on 2 needles.

Last Minute Bulky Toddler Hat
Yarn Shown: Lion Brand Hometown USA (Super Bulky)
Needles: 13 straights
Gauge: 9sts =4”
Size of pattern: 18-24months (roughly 16 inches around)

Row 1 and 3: k1, p1, across
Row 2 and 4: P1, k1, across
Row 5: K2tog, knit across
Row 6 through 12:  Next 7 rows are stockinette stitch beginning and ending with purl rows
Decreasing: (every other row is purled)
Row 13: K2tog, k5, across
Row 15: K2tog, k4, across
Row 17: K
Row 19: K2tog, k3, across
Row 21: K2tog, k2 across
Row 23: K2tog, k1, across
Row 25: K2tog across
Break a LONG piece of yarn and pull through remaining loops and then sew seam.


EmmaLemmon47 said…
Thank you. I look forward to making it as I am picking up knitting again after about 10 years.
SwampCat said…
Easy knit but the top is a bit pointy.

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