Ninja Cat Hat

Ninja Cat Hat
Yarn: Chunky/Craft/Rug (5-Medium)  If you’re making a ninja hat, it must be black.
Needles: 10 DPN's and 10 Straights
Sizes: Toddler (Child)

CO 52 (58)

Rows 1-4 1x1 rib, Work flat on straights. 

Toddler: BO 13, knit 26, BO 13
Child: BO 14, knit 30, BO 14

***It may be easier to knit those center stitches right onto your DPNs, since the next step is casting on in the round to make the top part of the hat. Whatever, it’s up to you! :)

Time to cast on 30 (32) stitches I did it to the left of the working stitches and join in round to start hat! **Make extra sure you knit the hat right side out!
Knit in Stockinette Stitch for 7.5” (8.5”)

BO with Kitchener Stitch.

Sew both corners shut, sewing all the way through both layers of fabric.

sew on button.
Weave in ALL ends.
No button hole is necessary if you use a small button.
DONE! :)


Cyfaill said…
Help! What do you mean by BO?
Cheryl said…
To BO means to Bind Off the stitches.

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