I've decided to go ahead and post the pattern. The football pictured does not reflect the small change I'm making to the pattern. I hope you enjoy this one!

These are great gifts for babies/toddlers/children.  These are great to throw at the TV when you're pissed at a bad call. ---because you know there are ALWAYS bad calls.

Yarn: I LOVE This Cotton! Brown and Ivory. You really dont need much yarn for this project, you could easily make multiple footballs with 1 skein of brown.

Needles: size 3 DPN's

m1a : make one away
m1t : make one towards
k: knit
sski: slip knitwise, slip purlwise, knit 2 slipped stitches through the back loop. (sski= slip slip knit improved)
k2tog: knit 2 together

**Knit all even rows

Begin with brown
CO:      6 sts onto 2 needles
R1:       k1, m1a, k1, m1t, k1
R3:       k2, m1a, k1, m1t, k2
R5:       k3, m1a, k1, m1t, k3
R7:       k4, m1a, k1, m1t, k4 (22 sts)

Switch to white
R9:       k5, m1a, k1, m1t, k5
R11:     k6, m1a, k1, m1t, k6
R13:     k7, m1a, k1, m1t, k7 (34 sts)

Switch to brown
Continue increasing in the same way until there are 58 sts. Don’t forget to knit every other row.
Knit 4 rows
R1:       k12, sski, k1, k2tog, k12
R3:       k11, sski, k1, k2tog, k11
Continue decreasing before and after middle stitch until there are 38 sts. Don’t forget to knit every other row.

Switch to white
Continue decreasing before and after middle stitch until there are 26 sts.
This is a good time to fill the football with polyfil(or whatever you like)

Switch to brown
Continue decreasing until there are 6 sts, pull yarn through and tuck in ends. Sew on finger laces and you’re done! 

Here is a link to help you knit the football in your favorite team colors. 


This pattern was selected as today's Free Knitting Pattern of the Day over at The Daily Knitter. It's also posted in our Free Knitting Patterns listings under Toys. A great pattern for a Thanksgiving centerpiece in my house, along with a knitted turkey. Happy Knitting!
Anonymous said…
I wasn't able to do these on DPNs, but I used a circular needle, which worked better for me. It looks like your instructions are per needle, not per round? They look really cute, hope they turn out in the end!

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