Bobble Hat Pattern

Well folks, here it is! My bobble hat pattern.

Yarn: Aran/Worsted
I used Bamboospun which is distributed by Hobby Lobby.
Needles: 7 DPN’s
Sizes: Preemie (Baby, Toddler, Child, Woman, Man)       (I'm not sure how comfy this will be for a preemie or infant that cant hold their head up.)

The bobble (B) stitch: k5 times into 1 stitch. turn work and purl into those 5 stitches. turn work again and k2tog, slip it back onto the left needle and slip remaining 3 stitches over the k2tog stitch. slip back to right needle. (remember to knit tightly before and after the bobble stitch so there isn't a huge gaping hole.)

CO 56(64, 72, 80, 88, 96)
sts on needles   14(16, 18, 20, 22, 24)

r1-3: *k4, p4, repeat across

8 stitch pattern; also knit 2 rows between pattern.
r1: k1, *B, k7, to last 7 sts. B, k6
r2: k2, *B, k7, to last 7 sts. B, k5
r3: k3, *B, k7, to last 7 sts. B k4
r4: k4, *B, k7, to last 7 sts. B, k3
r5: K5, *B, k7, to last 7 sts. B k2
r6: K6, *B, k7, to last 7 sts. B, k1
r7: K7, B
r8: k 2 rows

Repeat these 8 rows in this sequence until desired length. 4-5" (5-7", 8", 9", 11", 12") 
***DO NOT forget to knit 2 rows between each bobble row.

When you want to start your decreases, use this formula
Continue bobble stitch pattern from wherever you currently are in the pattern.
1 ssk after each bobble.
Continue pattern until there are 8 sts left on needles.
Pull yarn on a needle through the 8 loops and secure.
**optional, make a huge pom pom and pop it right on top.


Anonymous said…
Thank you for this pattern. I love bobbles and pom-poms.

1dishdiva said…
Darling hat. Good job! I love Bobbles.

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