Little Cable and Seed Stitch Vest

Yarn: Lion Brand Yarn, Hometown USA (shown in Honolulu Pink) (machine washable and dryable, I'm in!)

Needles: size 13 circulars and straights

This is knit from the bottom to the top.

Little Cable and Seed Stitch Vest
9m (12m, 18m, 2T)
Super Bulky Yarn
Size 13 circs and straights
Tapestry Needle

Body: (using circs)
CO 40(44, 48, 50)
Join and knit 2 rounds.
Purl 1 round.
Knit around until piece is around 6 ¼ (6 1/2, 6 ½, 7 ½) long. Or, whatever you want :)

Back: (using straights)

r1- k 22 (24, 26, 28) on straight needles and leave remaining 18 ( 20, 22, 22 ) stitches on circular needle.

Work in stockinette stitch for 1 ½”

On right side(front), ssk 1st 2 stitches, knit across to the last 2 stitches. k2tog.

Continue stockinette stitch for 7 (9, 11, 13) rows
Piece should be approximately 10”(10 ½”, 11 ½”, 12 ½”)
BO on wrong side
Front: (using straights)

Left Yoke:
r1: k1, p1 for the first  13 (15, 17, 17), leaving 5 stitches on circs.
r2: *k1, p1 across, k1

**All odd rows (RS): *k1, p1 across, last 2 stitches k2tog
**All even rows, continue seed stitch pattern. Knit the purls and purl the knits.
Continue odd and even rows for 7 (9, 11, 13) rows, There should be 6 stitches left, BO.

Right Yoke:
before you knit any stitches, pick up last stitch from left yoke onto circs so there are 6 stitches to start with.

r1: p1, k4, p1
r2: k1, p4, k1
r3: p1, c2b,p1
r4: k1, p4, k1

Repeat these 4 rows until you’ve hit 7 (9, 11, 13) rows. BO


Sew 2 shoulder seams and weave in all ends. When sewing the left yoke to the back only sew as wide as the right yoke, so its symmetrical. 


Anonymous said…
Thank you for the adorable pattern!! What does C2B mean in the yoke section?
Thank you
Anonymous said…
Hi Cheryl,
On the size 18 months top after following the seed stitch pattern with decreases on every odd row for 11 rows there will be 11 stitches left, not 6 as you've only decreased 6 stitches.Should I be decreasing on even rows too?
Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Also c2b should be c4b as the cable is worked over 4 stitches not 2.