Bigger, Manly-er

Working on a larger version of the Manly Bib. I have noticed people on Ravelry making it bigger and just had an inquiry for adapting the pattern to fit a toddler.

I have some GREAT ideas for this pattern and cant wait to share them!

To the drawing board...


Cynthia said…
Hi Cheryl, love your "Manly Bib" pattern. I made one in school colors for an athletics person at the uiversity where I work who has a new son and he and his wife loved it! Then I made a couple for another co-worker who's expecting twin boys.

I've recently begun knitting again after a years-long hiatus and was wondering a couple of things about the pattern.

First, which cast-on do you prefer for this pattern? I used the long-tail method and even when I used a larger sized needle for the casting-on, it seemd to be a bit smaller than the rest of the knitting.

Second, what is your preferred m1 method? I tried bringing up yarn from between the stitches first but it seemed to leave large open areas in the collar point. Also, I could not see how to successfully do it on the first row of the tie. I alternately did the kfb to increase and that seemed to look better.

I want to make some more of these and would really appreciate your help. Many boy babies being born around me in the next few months!

Thank you,


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