Thinking about a new pattern.

Leg Warmers!!

I really love all this pattern writing that I'm doing, so I'm going to measure up my skinny legs and make some leg warmers! Sweet!  I'm going to skip the baby sizes and just go with child-adult woman. Legs are an unfortunately odd size so I will just be posting inches around and will give freedom for any length. All legs are not created equal! I'm thinking something super simple. Like a hat, it would be nice to have just a simple X amount of stitches pattern. Since some women have huge muscles down there, I do not,  I was thinking about making a longer upper border with A LOT of stretchability.

hubba hubba
These are my legs. So, I have super skinny ankles. we're measuring in at:

Below knee: 11"
Thickest part of leg: 11.75"
Ankle: 8.25"

My legs are about the size of most peoples arms. I know this, because I massage a lot of people. So, maybe there will be a good leg/arm alteration somewhere along my pattern. We'll see!  Ohh! I'm getting excited now! So should you. This is ground breaking. ok. not really. But still, a dual purpose leg/wrist warmer!  sweetness!

Now I just have to pick out a yarn!  Oh, the stress. 


Jennifer said…
Can't wait! As long as you don't include cables in the pattern, I'll likely make some for myself!

I just haven't had the chutzpah to try cabling yet. Someday. Maybe.

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