Football woes

I thought I would post this so people know how pattern making can be annoying. This is my fourth attempt at this football. The first attempt helped me make the bib pattern. Which wasn't my original plan. The second attempt helped me make a small, purse size candy corn kleenex cozy. And the football above was the result of me not decreasing correctly. 

I was so sure this pattern was right, but it ended up being WAY wrong. Oh well. I will just have to adjust it. Also, I think I need to use MUCH smaller needles. I dont plan on making the laces look like that, I just sewed something on really quick. I dont think I calculated the decreasing rows/color pattern right. They are exactly the same on both sides as far as increasing and decreasing, but the striping was off by 2 rows. :( bummer. I will just give this one to my daughter, who I'm sure will become the owner of many odd shaped items.

You live and learn.


Jennifer said…
I don't think it looks too bad, but maybe the picture didn't aptly show the "mistakes." I definitely looks better than any football I would be attempting to make from scratch! :) Keep trying, I'm sure you'll get it right.
Shennie said…
I think it looks good. I didn't notice any problem until I read your blurb. You did a lot better than most people would. Is it 2 pieces sewn together or did you do it with dpns? Very creative! Keep on going - you have a great talent.
Cheryl said…
Thanks ladies! I'm sure I will get it right soon.

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