Crap I'm doing now..

I say crap, but I dont really mean it in a bad way. I just say "crap" a lot. Its like the Cheryl version of "stuff" or "things n such."  So, dont hate on the word crap. Or I will kill you. not really. omg. chill. I was joking. 

 Alright, so now that we know the inner Cheryl is a little insane, here are the projects I'm working on that need to be done before Christmas.

Mom wants me to make her this: Ember's Embrace in Lion Baby Soft Pompadour. In white. Its going to be gorgeous. 

My aunt wants more dishcloths.

And I'm making another one of these because mine is not so "fresh" anymore. btw- this scarf gets me more compliments than any other that I wear. Because its so cute and festive.

So, I have slightly complicated, very simple, and crochet. So, I cannot get bored with any of these! 

Yay for yarn!


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