20 reasons I love knitting

Maybe I'm not as hardcore about it as some people can be, but I really love knitting. What do I love about knitting?

1. The excitement of picking out a pattern.
2. Knowing when I see something in a store I want, I can probably make it.
3. Getting excited about making something for someone I love.
4. Yarn shopping.
5. Buying new needles.
6. Starting/finishing a project.
7. Knitting multiple projects at a time, so I don't get bored.
8. Not screwing up in the middle of a complicated project.
9. The fact that there is yarn all over my house.--My husband isn't such a fan of this one...
10. Seeing people use/enjoy my gifts.
11. Creating my own patterns.
12. Finding awesome patterns that someone else created so my brain can have some off time.
13. Telling people that I knit.
14. Being asked if I knit something that was actually store bought.
15. Using the needle to scratch my head or back.
16. Using the needle to hold my hair up.
17. Sitting down on a windy/rainy/snowy day in front of my big front window with a hot cup of coffee/tea.
18. Reading while knitting.
19. Using stitch markers to count for me.
20. Knitting anywhere I freaking can.

Wow, I came up with those really fast! I'm sure I could come up with 20 more. What are your favorite things about knitting?


Jennifer said…
I love that I can do something while watching TV and come out with a tangible product when I'm done.
I love that it lets me feel like I'm being creative (even if I'm not making anything new).
I love that I'm doing something that both my grandmothers and my aunt and my mother and my sister and my niece-in-law all like to do.
I love that people are so impressed with something I made that I don't feel like I had to put a lot of effort into.
I love that knitting is such a conversation starter out in public. People who knit and people who don't always want to comment on what I'm making and talk about knitting in general. :)

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